Keyboard shortcuts

Many programs have menus that allow you to use tools such as the clipboard. However some don’t. When you want to do something that there is no menu choice to use, you may be able to do it anyway by using these Windows keyboard shortcuts. These are universal across Windows, although a few applications may not allow this, but they work in most cases.

Key combination

Ctrl+C            Copy

Ctrl+V            Paste

Ctrl+X            Cut

Ctrl+A            Select All

Ctrl+S            Save

Ctrl+F             Find

Ctrl+B            Bold

Ctrl+I              Italics

Ctrl+U            Underline

Ctrl+Z             Undo

Ctrl+P             Print

Ctrl+O            Open

Ctrl+Shift+< or >Increase or decrease font size

Esc     Cancel current task

F2       Rename the current selected item

Ctrl while dragging   Copy the selected item and place it where I put it

Del     Delete