What kind of printer should I buy? There are basically two types that I would consider. Laser (the real name is Xerographic because it was first developed and introduced by Xerox) or inkjet (AKA bubblejet). HP calls their laser printers LaserJet. There are numerous brands. There are distinctive advantages to buying brands that lead the market. HP is the market leader in both kinds of printers. HP however has poor customer service so there is a down-side. If you have a problem with a printer (unlikely), you are quite likely to trash it and buy a new one. Cost of repair is just too high to consider and warranties are ONE year.

Inkjet printers use a set of so-called “jets”to aim a very tiny droplet of ink on to the paper.  In older days, printer designs had the ink jets in the bottom of the ink tanks.  That meant you got new jets with each new tank.  Today’s designs have the inkjets has a component of the printer.  Replacement of the inkjets is typically the cost of a new printer.  Consequently, it is likely your inkjet printer will be replaced in about 3 years.

Laser printers use powder and heat to melt the powder into the paper. Colour laser printers tend to have high cost of replacement cartridges and colour quality not nearly as good as inkjets.

So, laser printers are strictly black and white. They last much longer, are faster and their consumables cost is about half. Over the life of your printer, your consumables cost will be many times greater than the initial cost of the printer. If you need colour, you need an inkjet.

Bottom line: You want a laser printer.  Consider an inkjet ONLY if you must have colour.