Record (“burn”) a CD or DVD

If you have Windows 7, great news.  The facility to do this is built in.

 Read the section on this web site, on CD or DVD, to learn about the differences.

 The drive in your computer to do this comes with an assortment of capabilities.  If yours is less than say 5 years old, it is likely it will do all of these things – read CD, write CD, read DVD, write DVD.  If yours is older you need to discern what yours can do.

 You need to have a recordable disc. They are not expensive – something like $0.25 each.

 Recording on this kind of media is an intensive operation for a computer.  So, it is best you do not have anything else running while this is being done.

Discs come in tubes of from 10 to 100.  Discs have a top and a bottom.  The shiny or recordable side goes down-side in the drawer

 Place a disc in the tray and close the drawer.  WAIT.  In a moment or so, you will see a window asking what you want to do.  Choose one.  Now you have a choice to make.  The first is to write on the disc so that you can later add things to it.  The second is to create a disk that cannot be added to.  In most cases, you will want the latter.

 Now a window will pop up.  Find the files you want to record on the disk in a separate window and drag them to the window that just popped up.  Keep in mind the capacity (4,380M – DVD; 650M – CD) limitations of your media.  Click Burn to disc.  Now it will go through a few steps to complete the task.  It will take from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on how much you are recording.

If you are copying more than one disc will hold, you are going to have to get a piece of paper and keep track of what’s on what disk.

Use a fine-tipped Sharpie pen.  It is the only thing that you can use to write on one of these discs.

If you want to know what the size of what you are about to record is, you can right-click on the item, choose properties, and you will see its size.  If you exceed the capacity, it will tell you.