This web site is intended to provide advice to ordinary people about Microsoft Windows-equipped computers. Computers with Windows are not really that complex. It is actually a very logical system. The key to understanding, is to know how the various component parts work and to build your own understanding by experimenting and learning. My objective is to help you build this understanding and blow away some of what may seem mysterious. As you learn, you will become more confident and reach the real objective: a tool that makes you more productive, creative and maybe most importantly, in touch with the world around you. It is a magnificent tool, with dangers, but the advantages are well worth the risk, provided you take the right steps to minimize the risks. I am also hopeful that some of the tips you will find here will help you to avoid some of the common mistakes people make.

The word “proprietary” is used in many places. Proprietary means that the particular technology is owned and guarded by a particular company and that company allows no competitors.