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The “desktop” is what you are looking at when your computer is ready before you do anything.

This is the space on your screen that you see when either no windows are open or if you are not displaying the window in full-screen mode, the space around it. Keep it neat and sparse. Clicking on the bottom left brings up a menu that can lead you to where ever you need to go. Don’t fall into the trap of storing things on the desktop. If you do that, you will soon find it cluttered to the point you cannot find things. Organize things in folders in your My Documents folder. Better yet in folders inside the My Documents folder that help you organize them. You can create shortcuts to those documents and place shortcuts on your desktop. Find the file in your My Documents folder. Use your mouse to point at it and use the right button to pop a menu. Choose create a short cut. Then drag the shortcut that will appear in the list to the desktop. Best to delete those shortcuts when you no longer frequently need them. Deleting the shortcut will not delete the file.