Windows clipboard

The Windows operating system has a virtual storage space – you can’t see it. You can keep ONE thing there. It can be anything: picture, text, a single character, a paragraph, a sentence, a piece of music, an entire folder, a file, a document, etc. First, just select the item. Most windows have a menu across the top, one of which is usually Edit. If you click on Edit, you will get a menu of choices, one of which is Copy, and one of which is Paste.

So you can select something, Copy it to the clipboard and later Paste it somewhere else. Since the clipboard is a Windows facility, this works across any and all applications (well, almost) — Word, email, an Internet address, etc.

If you want to copy and paste something and you do not see the Edit menu, you can use keyboard keys Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste; or in many cases right-clicking with your mouse will offer you a Copy/Paste choice.

The clipboard is not 100% universal, but is nearly so. Learn to use it. It will make you so much more efficient and creative.