Upside-down or off screen

Yup, it can be done. People are always completely befuddled and amazed when this happens. It can even be turned 90 degrees. It is actually a feature in Windows. If this happens accidentally to you, you can return it to your normal view by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys and pressing one of the arrow keys. You may have to try different ones until you can get it right-side up.

Alternatively, Right-click on the desktop, choose Graphics Options, Rotation

If the display is off to the right or left,

  1. Ctrl + Alt + ↓ – Flip the screen upside down.
  2. Ctrl + Alt + → – Rotate the screen 90° to the right.
  3. Ctrl + Alt + ← – Rotate the screen 90° to the left.
  4. Ctrl + Alt + ↑ – Return the screen to the standard orientation