Go here to test your password:

Best alternative is a long phrase.  By long, I mean 16 to 64 characters.  Something like ilovemycatnamedjofus.  It turns out that length of passwords is a much larger factor in making passwords hard to break.  They are also much easier for mere humans to remember.

Alternatively, good passwords have an assortment of:

  • lower case letters
  • upper case letters (not the first character)
  • numbers (not sequences)
  • special characters: $_&% – .
  • the longer the better – 8 characters minimum — 12 preferred
  • do not use any word in any dictionary, names, dates or phone numbers
  • do not use the same password for lots of different things
  • Keep a piece of paper on which you store all your passwords and keep it up to date. Store it in a safe place that people you trust know about.

FYI, passwords are just about the only things on the web which are case sensitive.

Do yourself and your executor a big favour.  Create a sheet of paper with ALL of your passwords on it.  Keep it in a safe place, up to date and give a copy to someone you trust.