Updates – which ones are OK?

What updates to accept? Accept ALL Microsoft Windows Updates that are in the Critical (or Important) category.  If some are listed, but not checked, do not install unless advised to do so by someone you can trust.

In addition, there are several applications on your computer you may not be aware of that are important. Specifically they are Java, Adobe Reader (AKA Acrobat), and Flash Player. (Quicktime may be there too, but you do not need it, unless you have iTunes installed.) These are important programs, but it is probably best if you never even know when they are used.  If you are a Logmein client, you should install those updates as well.

Adobe and Oracle (Java) have been installing all sorts of un-asked for software on computers.  Most of it is in fact malware.  When you go through  the updating process for their software, look carefully.  You will have to UNCHECK those undesirable add-ons that will do nothing for you but make your computer slower and less secure.