Windows 10

Microsoft is very anxious to get you to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 computers to Windows 10.

I do not recommend or supporting Windows 10, and will not support it.

Two major drawbacks to Windows 10

  1. There is no privacy.  Everything on your Windows 10 PC is fair game.
  2. As owner of your PC, you have no control over what ever updates (read changes) Microsoft chooses to install.  Especially considering Microsoft’s terrible Windows Updates of late, this is unacceptable.

Microsoft has brought to market an unfinished product that is full of gaps and issues.  Not ready for prime time.  On top of that, their work quality has fallen off to unacceptable

Windows 7 is the gold standard and in use by about 35% of the 2 billion computers in the world.  There is no reason at all to rush to get Windows 10.

If your computer is still in good shape, consider replacing the hard drive (cost less than $100).  Then re-install Windows 7 and use Windows Update to install updates, but only the updates issued up to May 2017.  Then create a system image of your hard drive on DVD+R disks.  Do this BEFORE you install any programs or data.  This image can be restored in the future to the same or a new hard drive.  No installation process will be necessary with this restore.

I have concluded that Windows 7 is the LAST Windows version I will ever use or service.  Having cut off all Microsoft Updating, I expect Windows 7 systems to continue to run for a number of years.  The only thing that should make it unusable will be hardware failure or refusal of other software suppliers to support the platform.  I do not expect that to happen for a long time.