Internet Exporer not responding

Sometimes it seems Internet Explorer is not responding as fast as usual. IE8 (Internet Explorer version 8 and still in IE9) brought with it a new feature called Add-Ons. Previous versions had Add-Ons too, but in version 8, they separated them out to provide more security.

Unfortunately Add-Ons use a lot of your computer’s resources — they slow it down, particularly the startup of IE. Some of these Add-ons are not needed. That comes from applications that arrogantly decide to install themselves that way. Skype is one of the worst.

Open IE, click on Tools, Manage Add-Ons. You will find a list of them there. Please be very careful disabling these. Some are quite necessary and you can cause serious problems. However, if you ask someone who knows, they can help you with this and disable the ones that are causing this problem.

IE also has a reset button. It solves lots of problems. With IE open, click on Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. At the bottom of that window is the reset button.  You will lose your “history.”  That means the next time you log on to a particular web site where you need a logon ID and password, you will need to do that again.