Sending to a lot of people

If you need to send an email to a lot of people, do them all a favour and take one additional step. Many if not most viruses and worms work by scanning across the hard drive looking in every file for any instance of an “@” sign. They compile a list of every instance they can find. Then they send an infected email from your computer using your address as the sender to all addresses they have found. It may also send all these addresses off to a spammer. These addresses are all over your hard drive in places you would not even imagine. They can even be in your recycle bin. So, when you send an email to a whole list of friends, you are potentially making all of them available to one of these viruses / worms. The effect is exponential, which is why these damn things are so successful so quickly.

You can give your friends a bit more protection by sending them this email by not using either To or CC. Instead use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). No one who receives it will know who else got it and all those addresses will not be on their hard drive, such that if it becomes infected, it would then be able to attack all of them too.

BCC using Outlook Express. (It is likely that whatever email program you are using has a BCC feature too.) Start a new email. Don’t put any addresses in either the To or the CC box. Instead, click on Tools, Select Recipients. Then select the people you want to receive the email you are about to compose from the list on the left and click the BCC button.

BCC using Windows Live Mail. Start a new email. Don’t put any addresses in either the To or the CC box. You should see a To line.  If you do not see a CC and BCC line below that, look to the far right and you will see a clickable phrase: Show CC & BCC.  Click that.  From now on you will see all three lines on all the email you prepare.  In this case, simply put all the addresses you want to send this particular email to in the BCC line.