Notebook (AKA laptop) Vs. desktop PC


  1. You should consider a notebook PC ONLY if you really need to use it in more than one place.
  2. The vast majority of notebook PC’s are virtually always in the same place and almost always plugged into power. In this case you probably would not know if the battery no longer holds a charge.
  3. Cost is approximately 50% more for resources than in an equivalent desktop PC.
  4. Notebook PC’s are never as fast as a desktop because their primary design focus is to make the battery last longer. They are designed to run slower to extend battery life.
  5. Battery use time starts out at around 3 to 5 hours (longer for a premium price) and gradually deteriorates over a period of about 3 years when you will replace it — well maybe, read on.
  6. Notebook PC’s have almost entirely proprietary parts. Repair cost is such that usually replacement of the PC makes more sense than repair. It is not uncommon for parts to not even be available. Miniaturization results in a delicate design, which results in a much higher probability of being damaged.
  7. Be wary of notebook PCs that have their batteries inside the case which is sealed (glued).  They cannot be repaired.  When the battery’s life is over, the computer is so much electronic waste.
  8. Notebook PC’s are frequently lost or stolen. I have never heard of a desktop computer being stolen. One insurance company says 600,000 notebook PC’s are stolen or lost every year.
  9. From an ergonomic perspective, notebook PC’s are not good for your health. The screen is too close to the keyboard causing neck stress. Keys are too close to one another. Shoulder and back problems are common among people who carry them around a lot. Once you put them in a bag along with other things you need, they are heavier than you would have thought. Most people find the touch pad mouse replacement frustrating and carry a mouse.
  10. Spills in a keyboard of a notebook are almost always the end of life for a notebook PC, because the keyboard is simply the cover to the entire PC and it is the source of airflow. Desktop PC keyboards can be replaced for about $15.
  11. Extended warranty to 3 years is strongly advised. Cost is approximately $100
  12. Length of life for a notebook PC is shorter.  Although life expectancy of notebooks has improved over the last several years.  Expect your new notebook PC to last about 5 years.  Your new desktop computer will likely live 7 to 10 years.