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CD or DVD. CD/R’s are standard. They can store about 650 megabytes and read at a speed that is 48 times the normal read speed of a CD player. They can be used for storing anything. Including music, data and pictures. There is also a CD/RW which is re-writeable, but I do not recommend it since it costs about 5 times as much and writing is about 30% of the speed. CD/R’s are one-write systems. Once used, they can only be used for coasters.

DVD’s They look exactly like CD’s.  There is no real standard. There are many “standards” for DVDs. The most commonly used “standard” is DVDR. DVD+R is actually more reliable.

Most movies or videos on DVD are designed to prevent you from copying them. For the most part, unless you have access to illegal copy protection breaking software.  You will not be successful in copying DVD movies. DVD’s, just like CD’s can be used to record anything. They will store about 4,380 megabytes — about 7 times as much as CD’s. DVDR is commonly used for videos. There are several other “standard” formats including Blu-Ray, none of which are compatible with one another.